We’re building an extensive portfolio
of smart labeled medications.

RFID-embedded | Standards-driven | Ready-to-read

+RFID Enabled Vials and Pre-filled Syringes

Supporting a safe, more
efficient medication inventory process
Ready-to-read data
straight from the manufacturer

+RFID supports that effort by eliminating tedious manual tagging and data entry. RFID in healthcare may help improve patient safety by reducing medical errors.1

  • Adhesive Backing
  • RFID Inlay
  • Printed Label
  • Protective Layer
  • NDC Code

  • Expiration Date

  • Lot Number

  • Serial Number

Compatible with GS1 global standards compliant systems, including IntelliGuard, our tags arrive ready-to-read with crucial product information.

Developed to meet
interoperable data standards

+RFID was developed with guidance from GS1 US to meet global standards and ensure interoperability throughout the supply chain.

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